Niki J Walters

Niki J Walters


Hi! I am Niki.

A little bit about me…

My artistic journey started when I graduated in 2009 from Nottingham Trent University with a 1st class degree in Decorative Arts.

I went to university thinking that I would be a ceramicist, but in my very first year I played around with fusing glass, and accidentally created a stunning piece with blue/green hue’s. I spent the next year trying to figure out how I did it.

In my second year I spent several months in Sweden, training as a glass blower in the Crystal Kingdom of Nybro. I worked with master glassblowers developing a range of pieces, developing my understanding of the art, along with my making skills.

In my final year I really began to push the scale of my work up to quite a unique level whilst really focusing on creating not only beautiful pieces, but skilfully made pieces.

Once my studio was set up..

I began to create the pieces a result of a need and a desire, which comes from both the heart and the mind. By this I mean that you do not choose to be creative, creativity chooses you and once it has, life becomes a constant journey of what to create and when.

I now work from my little workshop on a farm in Derbyshire. Its a beautiful place and I’m luck to be so close to the main thing that inspires me, namely nature. On sunny days the door is open and i get to walk to dog through the fields whilst taking in the beautiful views.

Photography by Mark Tunstall Photography