My Green Credentials

OK, so I know what you are thinking. How can she claim to be green whilst using a kiln and glass. Well, shuffle closer and I will tell you all.

You may or may not know, I live on a farm where we try to be as ‘green’ as possible, including growing a variety of our own vegetables and collecting rainwater for watering our small selection of crops.0_0_0_0_361_361_csupload_61025754 We are rather green fingered and have a yummy selection of courgettes, carrots, potatoes, green beans, spring onions, rhubarb (which I keep trying to get rid of, so if you visit I will try and send you home with some), along with raspberry’s and garlic.

In addition with have a variety of chickens from Plymouth rock’s to Silkie’s and our one and only duck, who is called ‘Eh up Duck’ (it’s a Midlands thing). Also joining us on our small holding, taking the role of grounds women, or lawn mowers as I like to refer to them as, are two of my favorite people…….well, sheep named Thunder and Lightning (the kids next door named them). They are two friendly girls who love an ear scratch and are quite partial to a
smooch. I raised these two from birth as their mother rejected them and now they have their own lambs. Oh where have my babies gone!

Anyway back to being ‘green’. On the farm we also have a 30 foot tall wind turbine. This is an amazingly effective way of generating our own electricity and always covers what we use, with the remaining being sold back to the board. Whilst it did cost a small fortune, it will have paid for itself within another 2 years and we will be creating more electricity for others too, which is having a super effect on not only our pockets, but our carbon footprint.
Oh that’s not the end of it! We also have an air source heat pump which uses low grade heat from the air, and raise its temperature efficiently to be suitable for heating and hot water. We use this to heat our entire house and its really efficient at reducing running costs and CO2 emissions.

In the workshop I run using a Bohle Eco kiln which works on electricity and uses a great deal less than standard kilns, which means the work is more cost effective to produce and of course my carbon footprint is lower.

Finally, waste. I’m sure your thinking ‘what does she do with all the extra bits of glass and the broken bits?’. Well my friend, I am proud to say that I produce almost zero waste. All of the extra pieces of glass I turn into small gems which I fuse in all of the gaps around my other pieces within the kiln and then I set them into frames and sell those too! If any pieces go wrong in the kiln, I simply sell them as seconds at a reduced rate. For example I have a large bowl which has a crack in the bottom layer of glass in my garden as a bird bath as do my neighbors. Or if they really are to damaged I crush them up by hand and sprinkle them back into other pieces, removing any large pieces of glass which can go into a recycle bin.

So now you know just how green I am, however if you have any other suggestions, please get in touch!